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Tastulan lomakylä

Majoitu mukavasti Kaustisella

Comfortable accommodation in Kaustinen since 1969.

Tastula's Lomakylä started its activities briskly 50 years ago, a year after the start of Kaustinen's folk music festival.The area is located on the shore of Tastulanjärvi in ​​a beautiful rural landscape, 7 km from the center of Kaustinen. In Tastula, you can find accommodation options from small, nostalgic camping cabins to holiday apartments equipped with modern amenities. Here is nice places for caravans and tents with a view of the lake. In the early years, Tastula Lomakylä operated as a traditional camping area only in summer, but nowadays we offer accommodation all year round, and with the new maintenance building, our caravan area operates all year round, so we welcome caravanners to us also in winter.